Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounts

  • Do you have someone, or are you dedicated to managing your accounts on a regular basis, for example daily or weekly? YES
  • Are you a Small Business? YES
  • Do you have 1-10 employees? YES
  • Are you VAT Registered? YES

Sage Instant Accounts?

If you have answered yes to these Questions then Sage Instant Accounts could be for you.

As the next step up from Sage One, Sage Instant Accounts offers you all the tools you will need to manage your accounts on a day-to-day basis.

Sage Instant Accounts is great for straight forward businesses that don’t have stock to manage, work in progress (WIP) or have bills of materials (BOM) to worry about.

Perfect for consultancies, companies in the service sector, cash businesses, medical and legal practitioners, freelancers, charities and social enterprises, or companies that have products but no need to control stock.

Sage Instant Accounts – What it does

  • Sage Instant Accounts tracks cash, card and cheque receipts and payments
  • Sage Instant Accounts allows for bank reconciliation
  • Sage Instant Accounts records products you sell and gives you information about their profitability
  • Sage Instant Accounts allows you to create either Service Invoices (these are narrative based invoices) and Product Invoices (beneficial if you have a high repetition rate of sales items or you want to track how many of a particular item you have sold)
  • Sage Instant Accounts allows batch entry of Sales and Purchase invoices and credits – saving time
  • Customise the design and send your own invoices and quotes with Sage Instant Accounts
  • Create records for each of your customers and suppliers – you can throw away that address book now.  Sage Instant Accounts also tracks your Customer and  Supplier activity
  • Create Invoices and statements which can be emailed.
  • Calculates your VAT and submits on line (mandatory for most businesses from April 2012) including the various VAT schemes: Standard VAT Accounting, VAT Cash Accounting, Flat Rate VAT and Irish VAT Cash Accounting
  • Record EEC Sales List charges
  • SagePay integration


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